Monday, October 19, 2015

Deer Silhouette Home Decor

Have you wanted to create a home decor project, that seems a bit larger scale than normal? And you just can't find the right supplies to make it, without piecing together paper, and having seams in your project?

Well DCWV has heard your request and created larger stacks.

For my latest project I used the DCWV Project Basics: 24"x36" Silver Glitzy Glitter Sheet. Yes, that is 3 feet of amazing silver glitter!!

I have been in love with the 'deer silhouette' for a while now, but thought now is the perfect time to custom make some decor of my own. Now that I have larger scale paper to work with. Of course, I used some old pallet wood. I just love the look of it after staining it. I don't even sand it down or clean it up. This is raw, dirty, used pallet wood!!

In the DCWV DIY Project Wreath Stack, there are cardboard corrugate sheets. I used one of these as the backing for the deer. Just to give it a little more stability.
I found an image of the deer silhouette online, and printed it out. Traced it on to the corrugate, cut it out and sprayed it metallic silver.
I then traced it onto the DCWV Silver Sheet and cut that out.
I secured them together, and then to the wood.

The Deer Silhouette Decor fits perfectly into my new Winter Season home decor theme. It accents my handmade metallic silver Christmas Trees and my recent Faux Tin SNOW Blocks project, perfectly!

If you love these Wood Trees, head over to my Etsy to order!

[ Some products used on this project were provided to me for review by DCWV, but all comments, ideas and images are my own ]

Bring on Winter!
And... I mean it, please. We are still flooded with heat here in Southern California! We want Winter!

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