Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pink & Black Necklace

I love to spoil my biggest fan. She is very grounded and completely appreciates everything and I totally enjoy making her smile. Because she makes me smile :)

She is turning 13 in July.... a beautiful teenager!

And she will be wearing tons of custom jewelry made by her favorite aunt and Blue Moon Beads!!

Neon Coral & Gold Chunky chain Bracelets

I was going out to dinner with a couple friends this weekend and wanted some fun new jewelry to wear.
Luckily this generous box of Blue Moon Beads had the perfect supplies!

Green & Gold Chunky Chain Necklace

Time to be bold

Black & Gold Chain Necklace

If you love Black, but love a bit of shimmer, you need to get this chain!
Simple, lightweight black chain with a hint of gold, so parts of it catch the light just perfectly and shine beautifully.

Gold Leaf Chain Necklace

A simple gold chain necklace with a leaf.
A simple and slight sparkle piece.

Sparkle Head Chain

I have seen some fun head chains around, and I really wanted to try my hand at it! I am so happy with how this turned out!
Loving all my Blue Moon Beads chain!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Chain Obsession

Yes I am obsessed with chain
So you can imagine my excitement when this very large box packed full of chain came in the mail!
Amazing chain, chain I didn't even know they made!
Blue Moon Beads thank you!!! You have found the way to my creative heart!

... more chain projects to come :)

Turquoise & Black

 Thought I would try my hand at something a little different.
Turquoise & Black Bracelet
with beautiful Blue Moon Beads supplies.

Chain Bracelets Designed by My Niece

I was lucky enough to see my beautiful niece a couple weeks ago for a nice little family getaway in Arizona.
She might be my biggest fan when it comes to my jewelry.
So I thought I would surprise her, and bring some Blue Moon Beads supplies and teach her to make some things. I let her pick out what she liked, and design the pieces. Then I showed her how to make them.

Here are a few chain bracelets she designed.
I am very proud of her!