Friday, February 19, 2016

Fish Layout

Fish Layout

Tayvin and his 2 'glow in black light' neon fish

Supported by:
DCWV products, and a bunch of fun techniques!

Want to recreate this layout with your favorite images?
Grab the following supplies:

White Cardstock
Gel Medium
Pallet Knife
Wax Paper
Distress Inks
Chipboard Letters
Bakers Twine
Transparent Bubble Dots
Double Sided Tape
Spray Bottle with Water

Find this incredible blue sheet from The Birthday Wishes Stack.
Tint some gel medium with the Light Blue Folk Art Paint.
Use a pallet knife to randomly spread the gel medium over your stencil of choice, onto the paper. Make sure it's in areas that will be visible after you layer your images on.

Pull some distress inks, in colors of your choosing.

On a sheet of wax paper, apply some distress ink in a pattern you like.
Spritz the ink with water.

Flip the wax paper over, quickly and carefully, onto a page of white cardstock. You can use your finger to smear the color around if needed. Take the wax paper off carefully, and throw away. Be careful not to let the ink drip.
While the page is wet, carefully tear out a circle shape.
Set aside to dry

Find this dot page in the DIY Birthday Stack from DCWV. Turn it over and draw a circle. With your finger and some water, trace the circle continually, until the paper is saturated.
Carefully tear the circle.

Your circle does not have to be perfectly round.

Print out 5 images. Both square and rectangle shapes and various sizes.
Mat them with a green sheet from the DIY Birthday Stack, using double sided tape.
In the DIY Banner stack, you will find some pre-printed mini banner flags. Cut out as many as you need. Punch some holes in the corners and string some Bakers Twine through them. Add your chipboard letters.

Start to secure the water color and dot paper to the layout. Add the images and make sure they are secured.
Using double sided tape, secure the banner in the lower right area of the layout. Then stick some cute transparent bubble stickers in the top left corner.

Here is the finished layout!

I would love to see your interpretation of this layout! You can post your images to my Jeri Vann Creations Facebook page, or tag me in your photo on Instagram!

[ Some products used on this project were provided to me for review by DCWV, but all comments, ideas and images are my own ]

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