Friday, December 11, 2015

Extra Large Holiday Bows

If you have a large gift to wrap this season, don't spend too much money on a pre-made bow from the store!
Make your own (and have a full stack left over!)

The DCWV 16x20 Premium Stack is perfect for making extra large, incredible, gift bows.
I found this tutorial online for a large gift bow, and come to find out.... a single page of the DCWV 16x20 stack is the perfect size for a single bow! Think of how many you could make with a single stack!!

I decorated the paper first. I then distressed and crumpled the paper I made for my dad's bow.

I also made glitter gift tags from metal tags.

For my mom's bow, I did not distress the paper. I spritzed with paint for some color.
You can make each bow unique!

I would love to post a picture of these adorable bows on my large Christmas gifts,... but they are a surprise (it's not Christmas yet)So please use your imagination!

 [ Some products used on this project were provided to me for review by DCWV, but all comments, ideas and images are my own ] 

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