Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pearl Hoop Earrings

Combining found items with some amazing Blue Moon Beads products.
I love re purposing things. It makes creativity so unique.

I know almost everyone has some of these thin, metal bracelets lying around! Grab 2 to use as the hoop.

With wire cutters, snip the hoop. Use some wire benders to make a loop on one end.

Using some Pearl Chain, Silver Chain, Clear Beads from Bead Mix Tin in PB&J Head Pins and Pearls, attach them onto the hoop.

Once you have arranged them how you like, use the wire bender and make a loop on the other side of the hoop, like the image. Use a large jump ring to attach both sides. 

Add some chain, and attach your earring post. 

Quick, easy, custom earrings! 

Go get creative!!

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