Thursday, December 27, 2012

Turq Bead & Gold Spike Ring

Ok, did I mention I love this Urban Warrior line from Blue Moon Beads!??

This ring was so fun to make! 
I actually removed these cute gold spikes from a chain bracelet from the package they sent me. I loved the bracelet, but these cute little things were perfect for this project!! 
I used a flower ring base I already had, and attached the spikes with clear plastic string. 

**Thanks to my husband for holding it tight while I threaded the string back and forth!! 

Added a gold head pin into a cute turq bead that came with the Bead Mix Tin in PB&J. I then glued that into the center. 

Loving it!!

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  1. Jeri. Just catching up and visiting my fellow BMB DT-ers. Loving all of your projects, but this is easily my favourite. So funky!