Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blue Moon Beads Jute and Bead Bracelet-Necklace Duo

As a proud member of the Blue Moon Beads Design Team, I was stoked when my first package of goodies came in the mail! Creative juices started to flow, and I could not wait to dive in and create!

I decided to make a bracelet-necklace duo. I love these, because for different moods and different outfits you can utilize the same jewelry. I love versatile pieces. 

I used the Jute that was supplied, as well as the amazing bead mix tins in both Rum Raisin and Orange Fiz. And grabbed the large gold toggle for some character. 

In order to decide how long I wanted this bracelet, I simply just wrapped the jute around my wrist until I felt it looked perfect. Then I started to add beads randomly, and tying knots in between them. Finally when I had reached the other  end, I tied each piece of the gold toggle on. 

I love wrap bracelets! As well as wrap necklaces. They are so unique and fun. 

Now, get creative and make your own custom wrap Bracelet-Necklace duo! 


  1. This is kinda awesome, Jeri. I love the colours that you've chosen. All wound up they remind me of bonfire night! x