Saturday, April 21, 2012

Selling My Handmades....

I need creative in my life. It helps me get through the tough days, the rough situations and a few bad hands that I am sometimes dealt.

When I have an idea, I get right on it. Sometimes it takes a matter of minutes to finish, and sometimes it takes me a week. Either way, I always love to see the finished product and compare it to my original idea.

Now, if a few of my creations could be sold and make other happy. Well then, that makes me happy.

Please go see my Etsy shop. Please Pin items, Share items, Tweet items and even purchase items that you love. Plus, you will be helping me get my creations out there. You can like my facebook page dedicated to my Etsy shop to see the latest items I post.!/pages/Jeri-Vann-items-on-ETSY/192263114173888

Thank you everyone! I appreciate it.

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